Dongbang Nicanglou Rural Life Sewage Wetland Purification Project in Changshu City, Jiangsu Province

I. Project location

It is located in Dongbang Nichanlou Wetland Park in Changshu

II. Construction Goal

Constructed wetland water meet Ⅳ class water standard.

III. Project Size

The concentrated treatment area is totally 619 m2 and the wetland area is 307 m2. It treats 25 tons of sewage per day for 61 households. The decentralized treatment area is 624 m2 and a wetland area of 414 square meters. It is used to treat the sewage of 4 households, and the sewage quantity is 1.6 tons/day. The total investment is 250,000 Yuan.

VI. Process Flow

Concentration: pretreatment (purification tank) + set well + vertical flow constructed wetland + horizontal flow constructed wetland + water well.

Dispersion: pretreatment (purification tank) + water regulation pool + side seepage + mimic natural wetland.

V. Project Content

Concentration: Pretreatment adopts large membrane purification tank; the purified tank interconnects the water into the collecting well, and the wastewater is distributed into the vertical flow constructed wetland by means of pump. Vertical flow constructed wetland is 104m2 and is downstream constructed wetland where we plant reed; The vertical discharge water flows through the water distribution channel into the horizontal submerged constructed wetland, and the horizontal flow of constructed wetland area is 161 m2, where we plant cattail. The horizontal subsurface water is discharged into the nearby drainage ditch.

Dispersion: Pretreatment with small contact oxidation cleaning tank; The water of the purifying ditch enters into the water regulating pool, and the water enters the side seepage. The side seepage is 10 meters long and 1 meter wide, and the water is purified by contact of gravel, and the water flows directly into mimic natural wetland. With a total area of 414 m2, the natural wetland can be purified by gravel and aquatic plants. Meanwhile, a healthy aquatic ecosystem is constructed and the discharged water into the nearby river channel.

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Dongbang Nicanglou Rural Life Sewage Wetland Purification Project in Changshu City, Jiangsu Province