Zhengzhou Suoxu River Channel Ecological Purification Demonstration Project

I. Project Overview

Suoxu River is located in the northwestern of Zhengzhou City, which is the main drainage channel in Zhengzhou. It is an important part of Zhengzhou ecological water system planning.

Suoxu River is belongs to the suburban river channel, it has been unsystematic for many years, and the channel becamesilted up seriously and the lower water channel embankment had low standard and the constructed encroachment of the river is serious.

In order to achieve the goals that “water becomes clearer, river becomes smoother, shore becomes solider, beach becomes greener”, Zhengzhou Suoxu river channel ecological purification demonstration project started.

The demonstration project is from Shijiar Dam to the Jialu River where is the estuary of the Suoxu River, N34°52′09.1″,E113°43′30.3″). The length of the river is 18.48 km in total and the width of the river is 120 m to 170 m. The daily water treatment volume is 50,000 ~ 400,000 t. Among them, the constructed wetland ecological river strengthen purification technology demonstration section 7.68 km; the constructed wetland purification coupling technology demonstration section 4.07 km; mimic natural beach - constructed soil lateral seepage joint purification technology demonstration section 3.76 km, mimic natural river pollution ecological cutting technology demonstration section 2.97 km. Total investment in construction projects was 14,923.42 million Yuan.

II. Project Goal

This project is aimed at improving the river flood controlling and waterlogged standards, expanding the ability of flood discharge in river courses, cutting away the sewage, establishing a natural ecological river landscape, and creating better ecological and living environment along the river, in order to lay a good foundation for Zhengzhou and help Suoxu River area become a "big oxygen bar" and "back garden" of Zhengzhou City. Finally, Zhengzhou ecological water system achieved the concept of establishing a "healthy, safety, smooth and clean water system to realize ecological environmental protection,and human-water harmony.

III. Project Measures

River projects (river digging out, embankment filling and river protecting, etc.), ecological landscape projects, building supporting projects (rubber dam, drainage watergate, inverted siphon, dike-through culverts, cascades andbridges, etc.), the project on the top of the dam, including constructing wetland - ecological river purification strengthening technology, multistage constructed wetland purification coupling technology, mimic natural nature constructed beach - soil lateral seepage combined purification technology, mimic natural river pollution ecological cutting technology.

VI. Project Construction Effect

The average transparency of the demonstration segment increased by 70.95%, the chemical oxygen content decreased by 29.35% , the ammonia nitrogen decreased by 56.71%, and the average TP decreased by 38.01%. With the effective improvement of water quality and habitat, more than 70 kinds of plants have been recovered naturally. At the same time, benthic animals, aquatic insects, and fish species naturally recover, especially wild ducks, snipe, little grebe, common moorhen, crake, little egrets habituating and feeding in the river.

Zhengzhou Suoxu River Channel Ecological Purification Demonstration Project

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