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Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust was established in 1946 and has for over 70 years worked tirelessly on the global protection of wetlands and waterbirds. Founded in 1989, WWT Consulting is a subsidiary business of the Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust providing services such as ecological surveys, habitat design and management, wetland restoration, wetland treatment systems as well as designing wetland education centres across the world. It is the UK’s leading specialist wetlands consultancy and holds membership of many UK professional wetland institutes and associations, as well as international bodies including the Society of Wetland Scientists.

NJUecoRICH and WWT signed a strategic cooperation agreement in 2015. We have collaborated on projects at the Jiangsu Jianhu Jiulongkou National Wetland Park, Beijing Cuihu National Urban Wetland Park and the Changshu Urban Wetlands Conference, and will continue to cooperate and provide international first-class technical services in China and the region.

KECE was established in 1982, and is internationally recognized for the expertise in natural systems evaluation, restoration and management. KECE has undertaken hundreds of projects covering over 0.405 million hectares, including wetland and watershed restoration projects, land development projects.

The company’s vast watershed and ecosystem restoration experience has led to developing ecologically based engineering practices which are valuable to designing large scale sustainable developments. The firm’s depth of global experience evaluating the ecological conditions from the tropics of Africa to the tundra of Canada provides clients with the highest level of confidence when making their decisions. The company founder Kevin Erwin has more than 40-year experiences in the field of wetland restoration, is one of the experts who were first engaged in the wetland restoration. He designed and completed the first large-scale reparation and bank deterioration mitigation engineering project in American history, which changed our understanding of damaged zone recovery and management mode. Based on the recognition of concept and achievement, NJUecoRICH and Kevin L. Erwin Consulting Ecologist, Inc. established comprehensive cooperative relations in November, 2015.

Rekel/water was established on 1st March 2011 based in Schermerhorn, The Netherlands and is a highly respected Dutch research and consultancy company specialized in ecological engineering and applied water and waste water management. Rekel/water worked on various projects on natural processes for reuse of treated wastewater (the Waterharmonica) and has been involved in (pre-)design of and research at most of the Waterharmonica’s in the Netherlands.

Besides that Rekel/water works on the whole field of ecological engineering in water management, (simple) waste water treatment and (biological) sanitation projects around the world.In 2016, NJUecoRICH signed the memorandum of understanding about “Waterharminica”, “biological sanitation”, “ecological percolation island”, “scale rapid propagation technology”, “intensified purification technology” application home and aboard. Both sides will jointly promote the ecological restoration, water purification and artificial wetland design all over the world, which will have a huge boost to the global ecological protection.

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Nanjing University - Southwest Forestry University wetland conservation and restoration engineering technology center

Under the requirements of national wetland conservation strategies, this center is aimed at promoting wetland protection key technologies for the local wetland protection services and realizing the efficient conversion of feasibility study results, making great contributions for the Chinese wetland protection and ecological civilization construction.

Strategic cooperation

We are committed to exchanges and cooperation with organizations and institutes home and abroad and have signed strategic cooperation agreements with various of companies, such as DeTao Li Ruoyun ecological restoration studios in Beijing, Shanghai Shanheng ecological science and technology co., LTD., He’nan Lvyun environmental protection technology co., LTD., etc.

Innovation alliance

In 2016, we established technology innovation alliance with many listed companies, such as Shenzhen Techend, Zhejiang Zhuorui Technology, Frontier Environment in Nanjing and CHINA BEWG Co. LTD, etc., to provide technical reserves for the realization of the ecological civilization construction.

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