Pingtian Lake Wetland Restoration Project in Chizhou, Anhui province

I. Project Overview

The project is located in the south of Pingtian Lake in Chizhou. This project is aimed at cological restoration project construction of the two main entering rivers of Pingtian Lake ( Baisha River and Baima River) and other rivers around Pingtian Lake . The total planning area is 114.7 ha, and the total investment is 22.365 million Yuan.

II. Project Goal

To control the pollution of the lake, restore the purification function of the river and the wetland, improve the wetland landscape, and ensure the the water quality and the coordination of natural landscape.

III. Project Construction Effect

This project significantly expands the project area of wetland, gives full play to soil and water conservation function of lakeside zone and significantly improves the pollutants-cutting and purifying function of lakeside zone, and effectively reduces the water pollution load of Pingtian Lake and directly guides ecological environment regulation in Pingtian Lake. After the completion, the chemical oxygen demand is expected to be reduced by 172.58 t/y, ammonia nitrogen 35.57 t and the total phosphorus by 3.18 t.

IV. Project Measures:

(1) Baisha River Pollution Purification Project, including the floating objects interception project, river ecological dredging engineering, revetment restoration project, and the construction project of the channel habitat.

(2) The returning ponds to wetlands project, including water diversion project, underwater terrain construction project, surface flow constructed wetland, ecological infiltration island and vegetation restoration project.

(3) The Shima River Wetland Restoration Project, including water storage and aeration project, aquatic vegetation restoration project, marsh wetland restoration project, ecological river construction project and road improvement project.

Schematic diagram of engineering distribution

Jiangsu Liyang Tianmu Lake

The Xingyang Port Floodgate Transferring to Downstream Xinyang Port river estuary flood channel improvement

Pingtian Lake Wetland Restoration Project in Chizhou