Jiangsu Liyang Tianmu Lake Ecological Restoration Project

I. Project Overview

Tianmu Lake is 8km away from Liyang City with two big national large reservoir—Shahe and Daxi, which are agricultural and living water source of Liyang City. It is also a national AAAA scenic area, and is one of the important parts of the natural scenery and tourist resources in Liyang City.

Among them, Xuguyuan River, Zhongtian River, Pingqiao River are 3 most important rivers running into Tianmu Take.

Tianmu Lake upstream channels are narrow, and there are many areas of farmland, forest land and residents distributed on both sides, the agricultural non-point source pollution and living sewage are directly discharged into rivers, water quality and coastal vegetation in some areas were damaged. In addition, the downstream water aquaculture condition is serious, so it is necessary to carry out the Tianmu Lake National Wetland Park Restoration Project

The first phase of the project: Project area: the original Xiasongwei fisheries; From Changyuanji Bridge in Pingqiao River to overflow dam, downstream of Yangcun River and Zhongtian river surrounding areas.

The construction wetland area is 139.97 ha (total 2099.4 mu). The total investment is 20.69 million Yuan.

The second phase of the project: Located in the upsteam of Tianmu Lake estuary area, with a total area of 194.7 hectares (2921 mu).The total investment is 35 million Yuan.

The third phase of the project: Located in the upstream of Shahe reservoir. With a total area of 515.2 hectares (7730 mu). The total investment of the project is 45 million Yuan.

II. Project measures

Coastal belt repairing engineering, shoals wetland restoration project, forest filtration system engineering, returning farmland to wetland engineering, bird habitat protection engineering, ecological island engineering, returning fishery to wetland engineering, water level control engineering and shallow wetlands protection engineering. Ecological revetment restoration project and riverside wetland restoration project are especially important in Zhongtian River area.

Schematic diagram of engineering distribution

Jiangsu Liyang Tianmu Lake

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