Sheyang Salt Field No.1 Reservoir Wetland Restoration Project

I. Project Overview

This project is located in buffer zone of Yancheng Wetland Nature Reserve, the total area is 8700 mu. The project area is originally the reservoir for storage of salt production materials, but it was abandoned in 2010 because of beach silting, river and reservoir debris.

The project area is an important habitat for endangered birds. At present, it is necessary to carry out the wetland restoration projects and return ponds to wetlands projects as soon as possible.

II. Project Measures and Goals

The implementation of the project, including taking water into wetland, topographical reforming, dredging water networks, constructing aquatic food chain, the natural wetland and nature ecological environment. During the restoration process, we try to restore the project area into the bird habitat based on planning, mainly including restoring bird habitat and providing area for bird roost and breed by shaping landscape and growing suitable plants.

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Sheyang Salt Field No.1 Reservoir Wetland

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