Research and Demonstration of Ecological Purification Technology of the Compound Polluted River Branches

I. Project Location

The projecting area is located in 450m north of Yongsheng River West Dam, Qianhuang County, Wujin District, Changzhou City.

II. Construction Target

To design a series of matrix - microbe - plant joint restoration technology for improving polluted water, degrading ammonia nitrogen effectively, strengthening the self-purification ability and improving the water quality.

III. Project Measures

1.River wetland ectopic treatment project

With the help of pumps windmills, water in the river can be processed through multi-level wetlands. There are several areas in multi-wetlands, like emergent aquatic plant area, floating leaf plant area, submerged plant area and horizontal flow wet area, etc.

2.Acomon ecological base water restoration project

We also install Acomon ecological base in river for microbial carrier.

3.Fountain aeration project

The fountain aerator is based on the agitation of hydraulic machinery. The fountain aerator has a high-speed rotating propeller that stirs up the water, making the oxygen completely dissolved in water, to improve the water quality.

4.Floating bed project

By constructing floating beds, planting plants on them and install carbon fiber ecological grass at the bottom of the floating bed, the sewage can be purified effectively. The plants on the bed can remove N, P and other pollution element, and the bottom of the floating bed is anaerobic, there are a lot of microbes on fiber ecological grass, so the beds can purify water pollution well.

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