The middle and small channel improvement and ecological restoration engineering of Baima Lake in Huai'an City

I. Project Overview

Baima Lake is located in the downstream of Huaihe River, belongs to Jinhu County, Hongze County, Huan’an District and Baoying County, the total area is 113.4km2. The project area is mainly located in Hongze County and Huaian District in the upstream of Baima Lake. The project carries out river improvement and ecological restoration engineering for Huahe River, Longxu Port, Wangliang River, Dadang River, Xunhe River, Fengchan River, Taoyuan Riveer, Shanyang River, Caoze River and Yongji River, in order to realize the pollution treatment concept, “One river, One measure”. Total investment of the project is 61.5157 million Yuan, the total length of river is 139.9 km.

II. Project Goals

With the implementation of the project, the river water entering Baima Lake reaches surface water Class III water standard, and meets the water quality requirements Baima Lake.

III. Project Measures

The project measures mainly involves technology of ecological channel recovery, river purification strengthening, construction of ecological revetment, technology of reducing pollution and river heterotopic treatment.

● Ecological technology of reconstruction and purifying river: including 296.5 ha ecological dredging, 416.58 ha ecological riverbed, 54.82 ha purification engineering by side slots project is, and 0.37 ha beach plants restoration.

● River strengthening and purification technology: 20 water aerators and 4.5 ha carbon fiber ecological grass.

● Ecological revetment restoration and pollution reducing technology: restoring 223.86 km revetment plants, 22.2 km tail water infiltration revetment and 59.21 km ecological slope.

● Water heterotopic treatment technology: 45.34 ha surface flow constructed wetlands and 0.27 ha submerged constructed wetlands.

● 413.18 ha area of microbial preparation

● 413.18 ha area of healthy water system.

Schematic diagram of engineering distribution

The middle and small channel improvement Baima Lake in Huai'an City

The Compound Polluted River Branches

Sewage Treatment in West Tuanjie River Based on Wetland Ecological Engineering