Guangdong Wengyuan Wengjiangyuan National Wetland Park Detailed Construction Plan

I. Project Overview

Wengyuan Wengjiangyuan National Wetland Park is located in the east of Wengyuan County. The wetland park is surrounded by Lianping, Xinjiancun and Huangjitan. Wengjiangyuan is composed of some tributaries in the source of Wengjiang, like Guidong River and Potou River, and forests between upstream of Wengjiang. The total area is 614.04ha, the wetland rate is 58.98%.

II. Project Feature

Ideals of plan: Based on Hakka water culture (water source and soul of water) whose features are Hakka folk culture, Hakka health culture, Wetland bird culture and Farming culture.

III. Project Vision

Wengyuan Wengjiangyuan National Wetland Park is based on Hakka water culture(water source and soul of water), mainly relied on permanent rivers, flood plain wetlands, pools, riverside dry lands, is aimed at realizing inspection and acceptance the title of “National Wetland Park” according to the “Acceptance criteria of National Wetland Park Pilot”.

Protecting Wengjiangyuan Wetland is important for ecological security of Wengjiangyuan Wetland and residents drinking water in Wengyuan.

Highlights of Wengyuan Wetland are: Restoration of bird’s habitat, construction of fish passage, returning farmland to forest, softening hard revetment, plants restoration, prevention and control of internal pollution, construction of sanitation facilities, construction of ecological corridor to communicate the inside and outside of ecological system.

The science education focuses on amphibian, wetland birds, wetland plants, ecological restoration works. The wetland integrities wetland protection, restoration, science popularization, ecological experience and folk revitalization.

Schematic diagram of engineering distribution

Guangxi Donglan Pohao Lake National Wetland Park

Guangxi Lipu Lijiang National Wetland Park

Guangdong Wengyuan Wengjiangyuan National Wetland Park