Inspection and Acceptance Service for Guangxi Beihai National Coast Wetland Park

I. Project Overview

Guangxi Beihai National Coast's National Coast Wetland Park is located in Yinhai District, south of Beihai City, the park is in the south of Liyudi Reservoir, east of Baihutou , and west to Daguansha. It’s geographic coordinates are 109°9′23″~109°13′59″ E, 21°23′17″~21°28′54″N. The total planning area is 2009.8ha.

II. Project Features

According to the request of Wetland Protection and Management Regulation, National Wetland Park Management Measures (on Trial) and National Wetland Park Inspection and Acceptance Regulations (on Trial). This project aimed at 8 aspects in detail: wetland ecosystem status, wetland protection and restoration, basic management condition and construction, construction of scientific research monitoring and science popularization education system, rational utilization and community relations coordination, construction of service facilities and infrastructures, overall construction and demonstration function.

III. Project Vision

This project effectively restores the integrity of the ecosystem and ecological function of Beihai Wetland, protects and improves habitat environment and enriches biodiversity. It is a national wetland park combining mangroves, beaches, coasts, estuaries, coastal waterbodies, wetland fields as a whole and with the functions of wetland protection and restoration, wetland research monitoring and popular science education as well as wetland ecological experience.

At the same time, the project also highlights the features of the wetland park:

1. Complete wetland types and mangroves wetland scenery.

2. Typical coastal wetland science and education base, comprehensive science popularization education system.

3. Variety of eco-tour and merging natural landscape and folk culture.

Schematic diagram of engineering distribution

Zhengzhou Hefei railway in Anhui Yingzhou West Lake National Wetland Park

National Wetland Park in Changshu, Jiangsu

Guangxi Beihai National Coast Wetland Park