Shajiabang National Wetland Park Monitoring and Assessment

I. Project Overview

Shajiabang National Wetland Park is located in famous historical and cultural city in the lower reaches of the Yangtze river — Changshu, with an area of 345 ha. After becoming national wetland park, a special scientific research monitoring group has been established. Shajiabang cooperated with Nanjing University Wetland Ecological Research Institute, Nanjing University Ecological Research Institute of Changshu and Changshu Institute of Technology, to carry out Long-term wetland resources monitoring.

II. Project Features

Using "Shajiabang" as the characteristic, based on abundant resources, with national patriotic education base and national defense education demonstration base, through promotional activities and teenagers practice, Shajiabang set up Jiangsu Ecological Civilization Education Base and Suzhou science & education Base.

Wetland park established popular science education system which plays a demonstrating role in wetland protection. The education system includes science & education park, bird-watching gallery, flyer, web page and other means of popularization, combined with the interpretation identification system, fully demonstrates the wetland ecology, animal and plant, etc, established a certain scale and influence of, to play an important exemplary role of wetland protection.

III. Project Vision

We build integrated scientific research and environment monitoring system and monitor water quality, wetland animals and plants every month. Then we analyze and arrange the monitoring results to support the wetland scientific protection and utilization. The monitoring and assessing work can find out the problems in wetland park construction and management timely and effectively, in order to adjust management and protection strategies. The plan provides significant benefit to protecting wetland and can also be used as reference for other wetland park construction.

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