Impact from Zhengzhou-Hefei Railway on Report on Ecological Environment of Anhui Yingzhou West Lake National Wetland Park (Pilot) Assessment

I. Project Overview

Anhui Yingzhou West Lake National Wetland Park is located in Yingzhou District, Fuyang City, Anhui Province. Geographical coordinates are 15º38′20"~115º39′50"E,32º54′04"~32º56′33"N. Yingzhou West Lake National Wetland Park is 15km east to Fuyang, south to Quanhe River, north to Caohe River, Fuyang-Linquan Road cross the park.

The scope of the wetland park includes Yingzhou Xihu Lake and the area inside lake dam, also includes the area from Kongzhuang and Yao Zhuang to north of lower reach of the Caohe River and the southern area of Cuizhuang and Nixinzhuang. The total area is 666ha. The wetland park is divided into 5 functional areas, including wetland conservation area, science and education area, recreation area, management and service area and forest zone around lake.

Zhengzhou-Hefei railway crosses the north side of the park (forest zone around lake and recreation area), which impact about 47.5 ha (about 7.13%) of park area, including about 26.2 ha dense affected area and about 21.3 ha mildly affected.

II. Project Features

This report made an assessment on the negative impact from Zhengzhou-Hefei Railway on Yingzhou West Lake National Wetland Park. The report analyzed from 4 aspects (wetland habitat factors, wetland biological resources, wetland ecosystem and the wetland landscape resources) and drew the conclusion that the ecological environment risk is low if we take appropriate mitigation measures.

Zhengzhou Hefei railway in Anhui Yingzhou West Lake National Wetland Park

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