Management Plan for Wetland Protection in the Middle And Lower Reaches of the Yangtze River in Anhui Province (Guichi Shibasuo)

I. Project Overview

Guichi Shibasuo Provincial Nature Reserve is in North-east of Guichi City which located on the South bank of Yangtze River. The wetland reserve is composed of a series small lakes, beaches, marshes and paddy fields. The Total area is 3,651.6 ha, including the core area 1,056 ha, buffer area 630 ha and test area 1965.6 ha. There are total 117 families, 329 genera and 446 species vascular plants; 36 orders, 92 genera and 311 species vertebrates; 16 orders, 54 genera and 206 species birds.

In 2008, Shibasuo Reserve joined in Yangtze River Wetland Conservation Network, and in 2010, Zhengrong Du, the reserve patrolman wan the Subarus Ecology Protection Award.

In 2013, the reserve became one of the Anhui Province GEF project sites, started to carry out the community co-management project, and built the Shibasuo wetland school to realize wetland protection and education activities.

II. Project Features

With the implementation of the management plan, the reserve’s management effectiveness will efficiently improve, the reserve’s human resources, natural resources and financial resources will be properly distributed, and the project will be implemented smoothly. From the angle of long term development, the management plan can protect and maintain the security of inland lakes, aquatic ecosystems, aquatic and wet biological communities, rare and endangered flora and fauna and their habitats in Shibasuo. The plan can also maintain the integrity of inland lake wetland ecosystems, and carry out the sustainable use of natural resources coordinated with biodiversity conservation based ecosystem balance.

III. Project Vision

For the threating and limiting factors, we made the 2018~2022 management plan due to the actual situation, including 28 specific actions involved in 7 major aspects, in order to guide the reserve development in the next five years.

Schematic diagram of engineering distribution

Shengjin Lake National Nature Reserve Management Planning belongs

Wetland protection in the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River in Anhui

Sha Bang National Wetland Park