Master Plann of Hongshui River Autonomous Region, Donglan, Guangxi

I. Project Overview

The Hongshui River Autonomous Region is located in the south of the Donglan County, Hechi City, Guangxi, the middle section of the Hong River, which is belong to river canyon terrain. In the forest park, the Hongshui River runs from the Pohao to the south direction and form the famous landscape-"The first bay of the Hongshui River". The mountains on both sides of the Hongshui River are the cliffs of karst rock which is spectacular. The planning area is 2375.6 ha. It is divided into four functional zones: ecological conservation zone, core landscape zone, general recreation zone and management & service zone. The core landscape area is divided into two scenic areas: the tortoise mountain scenic area and the Baxianle scenic area, and the general recreation area is divided into the first bay scenic spot and the Longpao canyon scenic area.

II.Project features

Construction base: Beautiful Hongshui river forest park first bay canyon scenic spot, excellent ecological environment, unique natural landscape and rich forest tourism landscape resources. Emphasis: Folk customs, Tonggu Cultural, servicing and satisfying the northwest Guangxi Hechi City and Donglan urban residents. Goal: To create the richest cultural connotation in forest ecological tourist area in northwest Guangxi, to improve the tourism market and comprehensive competitiveness, driving Donglan economic structure transformation and growth. The construction of Hongshui River forest park in Guangxi includes ecological tourism, cultural experience, healthful vacation, agriculture entertainment and other tourist service function as well as ecological protection, scientific research, cultural communication as a whole.

III. Project Vision

The planning and construction of the Hongshui River Autonomous Region will play an important role in ecological core function, cultural inheritance function, recreation and leisure function, ecological education function as well as scientific research function. Important points: Building green ecological corridor: As an important part of the ecological protection and construction demonstration zone of Donglan county and it will become one of the important part of green ecological corridor in the mid-east of Donglan county. At the same time, the science popularization and ecological tourism zones can provide a destinations to residents who live in or around Northeast Guangxi, Hechi City and Donglan County to enjoy holidays and ecological leisure. It can also become famous river canyon scenic spot, geological survey base and forest ecological protection science popularization and education base in Zhuang Nationality of Guangxi Autonomous Region.

Schematic diagram of engineering distribution

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