The Planning Scope and Functional Zone Adjustment of Changshu Shajiabang National Wetland Park in Jiangsu Province

I. Project Overview

Shajiabang National Wetland Park is located in Shajiabang City, Changshu, Jiangsu Province. The total planning area is 414.03 ha. The vast expanse of reed is the feature of Shajiabang wetland, combining with the amorous feelings of the Jiangnan water town and the revolutionary culture, here becomes the national patriotic education demonstration base as well as famous national wetland park in East China.

II. Project Features

This project is based on present situation of national wetland park, according to the positioning and development direction of the future, we extended the scope of the original planning and optimize function zones. To promote the years excellent wetland restoration experience to the surrounding areas, enlarge the influence range of wetland park to meet the development orientation of Shajiabang National Wetland Park and the sustainable development of the future.

III. Project Vision

We will build a Demonstration Project for wetland restoration in Jiangsu Province and promote the achievements and experience of Shajiabang in ecological restoration field. At the same time, it is very important for other national wetland parks.

Schematic diagram of engineering distribution

Before the shajiabang plan

After the shajiabin plan

National Wetland Park in Changshu, Jiangsu

Three Island National Wetland Park in Taihu

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