Sanshang Island National Wetland Park, Taihu Lake, Suzhou

I. Project Overview

Sanshan Island Wetland Park is located in Taihu Lake, Dongshan Town, Wuzhong District, Suzhou City. The four boundaries of the wetland are the connecting lines of Zeshan Island, Jueshan Island, Lishu Island and Sanshan Island with 200m extended. It looks like an irregular horseshoe. Geographical location for the east longitude 120 ° 15 '1 "~120 ° 18' 3" , north latitude 31°0′53″~ 31°2′24″. The total planning area is 625.2 ha, the water area is 418.6 ha, the total length of the river is about 700 meters. The island includes Sanshan Island, Zeshan Island, Jueshan Island and Lishu Island with a total area of 208 ha.

II. Project Features

Sanshan Island Wetland Park is the first national wetland park that community directly involved in construction and management. The park has good management system. The wetland ecological research monitoring effect is obvious; The form of science and education is innovative; And the ecological environment protection and restoration and reasonable utilization of wetland resources have achieved remarkable results which promote the harmonious development of wetland park construction, people's livelihood and ecology. It is a good example of national wetland park construction.

III. Project Vision

Based on the principle of effective protection of wetland ecosystem, we started to carry out comprehensive protection and scientific recovery of wetland resources including wetland promotion education activities and reasonable utilization of wetland resources. Forming a set of forests, lakes, islands and geological landform scenery for a suit, combining with Wu Culture, Fish Culture, the Ming and Qing Architectural Culture, Stone Carving and Stele Culture, Earth Science Culture, Ancient Civilization, Ship Culture and Buddhist Culture. Base on the characteristic of "Penglai Island in Taihu", Shashan Island now has been built as a wetland park that is renowned for its protection, tourism, scientific research, education, resource utilization and community development.

Jiangsu changshu shajiabang national wetland park

Sanshang Island National Wetland Park, Taihu Lake, Suzhou

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