He’nan Changge Xiaohong River Constructed Wetlands Project

I. Project Overview

To purify the Changge Xiaohong River water quality, we upgrade Baizhai Sewage Treatment Plant which is on the upstream of the Xiaohong River. The waste water from sewage treatment plant was deeply purified through the ecological system strengthening purification function of constructed wetland.

The chemical oxygen content of wetland water intake is less than 100 mg/L; Ammonia nitrogen is less than 20 mg/L. The amount of oxygen in water is less than 40 mg/L, and ammonia nitrogen is less than 1.5 mg/L. The project covers an area of about 49mu, including 15 mu of vertical flow artificial wetland and 34 mu of surface flow construct wetland. The total investment of the project is about 26 million Yuan.

II. Project Measures

Vertical flow construct wetland covers an area of 15 mu, with effective water depth of 1.2 m. It uses wetland plant - microbial compound ecological system in the chemical and biological effects, through precipitation, microbial assimilation and decomposition and plant absorption to remove the suspended solids, organic matter, nitrogen and other pollutants in the wastewater.

The surface flow constructed wetland has a total length of 1.5 km, with an average width of 15 meters and an effective water depth of 0.3~0.5 m. The percolation weir raised water level on the base of the original channel.

4 percolation weirs were built in the wider section of the river. The percolation weir is permeable, the water can pass through the seepage weir when the amount is small. When the water amount is larger, the water can pass spill over the weir. The percolation weir was attached by has biofilm internal, which can purify water quality. The seepage weir is 0.5 m higher than the bottom of the channel. It has no negative impact on flood controlling.

III. Project Construction Effect

After the completion of the project construction, the water quality purification effect is better, the water meets the surface Ⅴ class water standard, ammonia nitrogen and total phosphorus meet the surface Ⅲ class water standard. Meanwhile, the surrounding biodiversity is rich. There are large amount of birds and fish here.

He’nan Xinmi Shuangpo River Construct Wetland Project

He’nan Changge Xiaohong River Constructed Wetlands Project