He’nan Xinmi Shuangpo River Construct Wetland Project

I. Project Overview

This project is located in Xinmi City, Henan Province. Water in Shuangji River (Xinmi Section) was purified through the ecological system strengthening purification function of constructed wetland.Water in dry season of Shuangji River comes mainly from living wastewater of Xinmian industrial sewage treatment plant. The water treatment volume is 120,000 m3 per ton. Inflow water quality is the chemical oxygen less than 50 mg/L, ammonia nitrogen is less than 4.0 mg/L. Effluent water quality meets the surface water environment quality standard Ⅳ class chemical oxygen demand (COD) less than mg/L and ammonia nitrogen less than 1.5 mg/L.

The area of the project is about 13.2 ha in total. Including sewage treatment area 9.88 ha and landscape area 3.22 ha. The landscape area is equipped with pavilions, human water vehicles and other park facilities. It also helps to improve the environment while treating sewage. The total project investment was estimated at 5509.45 million. The operating cost is 1233.02 Yuan/d. The cost is 0.01 Yuan per ton of water.

II. Project Measures

Through biological aeration pond (2,400 m2), surface flow constructed wetland (18,000 m2), vertical flow constructed wetland (50,400 m2), and stabilization pond (28,000 m2), ecological infiltration and some other techniques to purify the water quality.

III. Project Construction Effect

After the completion of project construction, the water quality treatment effect is better, the chemical oxygen content removal rate is between 30% and 80%, the total nitrogen removal rate is between 30% and 50%, the total phosphorus removal rate is between 30% and 50%, and ammonia nitrogen removal rate is between 20% and 80%. When the water quality is good, it can meet Ⅳ surface water standard.

Schematic diagram of engineering distribution

He’nan Xinmi Shuangpo River Construct Wetland Project

He’nan Changge Xiaohong River Constructed Wetlands Project