Chenhaiwei Rural Wetland Landscape Designing and Engineering

I. Project Overview

Chenhaiwei rural wetland is located to the north of Changshu-Hefei Highspeed and east to Shenyang-Changshu-Taizhou-Haikou Highspeed and Wangyu River. Rhenhaiwei covers an area of 122ha. It is about 9 km from Changshu City and about 12 km from Yushan Hill and Shanghu Lake Scenic Area. The project is designed based on the master planning of wetland channel vegetation restoration, road landscape, water garden wetland and incorrupt forest.

II. Project Features

1. To restore the ecological structure of the waterfront vegetation and improve the purification capacity of wetland;

2. Enrich the elevation level of local vegetation and improve the landscape of rural wetland;

3. To optimize the sightseeing walking system and construct a wetland science education system.

III. Project Vision

Chenhaiwei Rural Wetland Landscape Engineering Design mainly includes: Riverside vegetation restoration, returning pond to wetland, water garden landscape construction, the new road greening, local landscape transformation, wooden footway and gravel trail design, etc.

Schematic diagram of engineering distribution


Chenhaiwei Rural Wetland