Changshu Shajiabang Wetland Town

I. Project Overview

Changshu Shajiabang Wetland Town Master Plan has two phrases, namely the whole town master plan phrase and regional conceptual plan phase. The former planning area covers the whole town and is 80.4 km2. The latter is located in the south wetland area, with a total area of 156.91 ha.

II. Project Features

Regional conceptual plan includes exploration of wetland characteristic industry and format planning, prediction of tourism supporting function structure and size, road traffic planning, plant planning, public service facilities planning, lighting planning, environmental engineering, management, etc. The project also includes residential areas with regional characteristics.

III. Project Vision

At present, Shajiabang wetland town overall planning focuses on the whole country. The planning work started from South Caodang. Then, on the base of the master planning, we will emphasis the farming culture of the lower reaches of the Yangtze river and conservation of natural ecology. To link element material spaces, tracs the history, refine culture, protect wetlands, striving to maintain ecological conservation and local culture, and increase the all-round value of farmland.

Planning structure: one ring road, two streets and seven cores:

● One ring road: ecological ring road

● Two streets: water cross streets

● Seven cores: fish eating, fishing, history, folk-custom, ecology, crabs and specialty

Changshu Shajiabang Wetland Town