Sheyang Yellow Sea National Wetland Park in Yancheng, Jiangsu

I. Project Overview

Yellow Sea Wetland Park is located in north of Sheyang County, east to Yellow Sea, west to north of Shuangdeng oxidation pond, in the north of the park is planning area of Sheyang Port, Huangsha Port flows across to the planning area, in south of park is the buffer zone of National Rare Birds Nature Reserve. The total planning area is about 24km2.

II. Project Features

This area is the combination area of Wu Culture and Chu Culture, the transition zone of subtropical region to warm temperate zone, the juncture of Yellow Sea and land, salt water and fresh water. The project puts forward the concept “People and Sea”, which means that human lives in harmony with sea. This project’s theme is “Charm of Sea”, and the theme is divided into 6 parts:

Charm of forest, charm of culture, charm of reed, charmart, charm of salt, andcharm of Yellow Sea. These concepts are specifically exhibited by 6 functional zones: Forest buffer, popular science area, recreation and art areas, salt making areas, experience area and leisure area.

III. Project Vision

According to the construction of 6 zones operating of 4 eco-tourism products and promotion of 3 major brands, the most beautiful coastal wetland park will be created.

Schematic diagram of engineering distribution

Mongolia Ergun National Wetland Park

Jiangsu Sheyang Yellow Sea National Wetland Park